• Thread from the world

    Thread from the world is a remote photoshoot project dedicated to global COVID-19 lock-down. In Russian language there is a proverb: "A thread from the world makes a shirt for a naked" (literally meaning "many a little makes a mickle"). The image of a thread uniting the faraway corners of the world became the basis of this project. It was conceived spontaneously and began with a thought that, apparently, everywhere in the world people face the same problems, and the idea of uniting people during the fight with the pandemic crystallised. There were no selection of heroes for the shooting — all those who responded and were interested, participated. As a result, 72 photoshoots were done under completely different technical conditions. Full project exhibition is presented online at https://threadfromthe.world/
  • Flowers and Elements

    Very intimate and personal, this project reveals the personality of the participants through the flower chosen by them, or a fundamental element or nature force representation. One person. No clothes. One flower or element. Contact Andy to take part in this project.
  • Virgins of Nude

    A special project about the acceptance of self. As the name implies, people in these photos have never had any nude shots of them performed by another person before. The project was inspired by an article suggesting that in the XXI century it is easier to involve a person into coitus rather that nude photoshoot and Andy's work on "Flowers and elements", where many participants confessed that was their first photoshoot ever. Contact Andy to take part in this project